Are you always thinking of new ideas, projects and businesses but aren't sure if they're worth pursuing?

As creative people, business-owners, and community builders, we often wrestle with those exact questions. If you’re an ideas-person, a thinker, a maker, a builder, an entrepreneur, an artist, or go by any other moniker that involves taking ideas and turning them into actions, businesses, and communities, this resource is for YOU.

In evaluating our own ideas we realized that a framework that could help creatives & entrepreneurs react in real-time to projects, people, and opportunities could be an amazing resource to share. That’s why we created a tool that would be useful to other people who like to ideate, build, and deliver.

That said, we’re staying away from a rigid construct. The main concept is this... An idea, in and of itself, cannot be vetted without unpacking the HOW. Execute a project one way and it can be a time suck that makes you wish you had never started. Build in another way and it’s an impact machine. What we’re saying is… it’s all about implementation.

If you need a method for evaluating your ideas, projects, and businesses, or wish you could vet those ideas to reduce wasted time, execute more efficiently & create more impact - sign up below & we'll send you our FREE 3-page PDF Idea Evaluation Tool.

All we ask is that if you find value in it, that you share it with anyone it might help.

It will lead you through three phases of turning an idea into reality: ideation, strategy and implementation. Use the tool for any project or business you're looking to build and track your answers in a document so you can identify gaps and fill them strategically.

Feel free to email us with any questions at and stay tuned for more strategy and takeaways we'll offer to support your rollout.

We can't wait to see what you build, stay in touch!

- Evan & Levi